Digital pilots

In the last 20 or so years, the internet has been born and has grown faster than anyone knew it could. It started as a tiny newborn baby, but grew faster than a teenage boy. Now, what started as the World Wide Web (WWW) is a giant.

It all began on August 6, 1991 when the first website was published. Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the WWW, published this page to explain what the WWW was created for. But even Berners-Lee couldn’t predict the way the WWW would impact the world, or more specifically the entire journalism industry.

Though a few news companies attempted to use the internet to their advantage, it wasn’t until the “Dot-Com Boom” in 1999 that news became accessible to common households who owned their own computers. By then, there were a few big moments in the internet’s history.

  • 1992: The first news is broken via internet. Computer Gaming World broke the news of Electronic Arts’ acquisition of Origin Systems on Prodigy, before its next issue went to press.
  • 1990’s: The first professional online news site on the World Wide Web was The News & Observer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. 
  • 1994: Netscape Navigator is founded as the first commercial web browser.
  • 1995: Internet Explorer follows Netscape as a commercial web browser.

These major moments in the history of web journalism all happened so soon. From then on the internet only grew in depth and strength. And by 2008 more Americans received their news information from the internet than any other source. Not only has the web changed the audience, but in addition journalists around the world now use the internet in their daily work life.

By 2004 the world not only engaged in the internet on increasing levels, but was drawn to the internet by sites like Facebook. By 2006, Twitter was invented and began to change how breaking news reached the public.

The founding of social media site like Facebook and Twitter smashed the line between reader and reporter. Now, readers witness information and have the power to “report” it to the rest of the world via Twitter. This drastic change has morphed how journalism approaches its audience. And today the media industry is still experimenting with the internet and social media.
New york plane crash
Despite the huge number of stories that have brokeSome breaking news that have broken on Twitter are:

  • 2009 New York Plane crash into the hudson river
  • 2008 Northern England earthquake
  • 2008 Earthquake in China
  • 2009 Google’s Nexus One revealed on Twitter
  • 2009 G2O’s protests and violence in London
  • 2009 Michael Jackson’s death
  • 2009 Patrick Swayze’s “death”
  • 2008 Ice on Mars

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